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LGBTQ talk 2021: Image


Conversation About Physician Families, LGBTQ2S+ Topics, & The Pandemic

(with expert panel, Q&A)

Pre-register here:

Tues Nov 23, 12-1pmEasternTime

The pandemic has affected those from the LGBTQ2S+ community in distinct and challenging ways. Join the conversation Nov 23rd to hear stories about how physicians and their family members from the LGBTQ2S+ community have been coping as they face challenges such as parenting as a same-sex couple or solo, accessing transgender health care, and dealing with discrimination, while also juggling the demands of working during Covid. An expert panel will answer questions, present trends, clarify terminology, and provide resources to help families access supports. Be prepared for an engaging and helpful conversation!

No fee. Space is limited.
Project has received no funding

Hosted by Dr. Marcia Kostenuik MD FCFP BSc. Marcia is a physician, medical psychotherapist, teacher, speaker, educator, & physician coach who teaches online interactive courses on parenting, mindfulness, & overcoming or preventing burnout. More info at

Expert panelists (see details below) include members of the LGBTQ2S+ community who work with the Family Health Team Trans Health Program & Family and Youth Programs assisting individuals & families with a variety of community, mental health, and medical supports for LGBTQ2S+ individuals & their loved ones.

LGBTQ talk 2021: Text


Hear Stories from Physicians About:

-the realities, isolation, and lack of representation experienced by a physician father in a same-sex-relationship as they face discrimination and lack of support while raising a child with health challenges during the pandemic

-the struggles and victories of a physician mother supporting their teenager through the experience of questioning and discovering their gender identity and expression while also dealing with social discrimination, pandemic isolation, and virtual schooling

Learn from Expert Panel About:

-trends during the pandemic

-LGBTQ2S+ terminology, spectrum, and nuances

-what terms to use, not use, or to use in certain circumstances

-difficulties with discrimination and bias within the LGBTQ2S+ community itself

-the difference between gender and sexual identity vs. expression, and how this can change over time

-common and important colloquial expressions such as "outing", "passing", and "dead name"

-stats about risks for transgender youth and adults (including risk of self-harm and suicide)

-benefits of using preferred (accurate) pronouns (reduces serious risks dramatically)

-getting appropriate supports for individuals, partners, and family members

Importantly, you will learn:

-what can society, organizations, individuals do to make positive changes

-how to advocate for more equitable medical forms and other intake forms and promote use of inclusive language and pronouns

-how simple it can be to adjust language to be inclusive and affirming (e.g., greeting "hi" instead of "hello ladies", parent vs. mother/father)

-about avoiding making assumptions about fathers, mothers, parents, families, gender, and sexuality

-how to advocate for better representation in media, medicine, and education regarding the diversity of what families look like

LGBTQ talk 2021: Text


LGBTQ talk 2021: Text
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LGBTQ talk 2021: Image
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