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Dr. Kostenuik has focused her work on helping physicians improve their professional and personal lives

Personal coaching focuses on helping you achieve your goals and provides the structure, skills, support, and honest feedback needed to help you achieve results.

Dr. Kostenuik has worked in acute care, primary care, urgent care, and medical psychotherapy and understands physicians. She uses her broad knowledge of medicine, psychology, neuroscience, communication skills, interpersonal skills, practice management, leadership, parenting, and mindfulness to support her clients.

Marcia believes in helping individuals gain deep insights and practical skills. Her clients report many "ah-hah" moments and feel empowered to make effective changes.

Your coaching goals may include:

-preventing burnout

-improving work/life balance

-enhancing parenting & relationship skills

-considering a career change

-improving leadership skills

-time-management & organization skills

-improving practice management

-mindfulness & meditation


1. Email to schedule a call (phone or Zoom)

2. Read Coaching Agreement Form (download file, initial & sign; fax/email)

3. Complete Intake Form (download file, complete, fax/email)

4. Send payment by e-transfer before or at the time of your visit

For those on Dr. Kostenuik's newsletter list, the coaching fee is $250/hr session (plus applicable HST based on your province).

(You may click here to join the list)

Contact Dr. Kostenuik directly re: compassionate fee reduction. 

Note: Space is very limited.

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