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A recent participant of the Recharge course had this to say:

"I just finished this course and can highly recommend it!!! The multiple sessions really helped me with personal accountability, versus a session here and there. Each week was a very different topic and they gave me the words, tools, insight and power to make the big and small changes in my life that really needed to be made. I was burned out, like so many, and finally feel like I can breathe again. Still a ways to go, but at least I feel I am on the path now." (-Canadian physician)

What participants liked the most:     

"The practical nature of the program was one of the things I liked best and how to manage the complex emotional aspect to implementing these practical changes."

"How to schedule effectively, working on boundaries, how to say 'no', making healthy habits, the emphasis on mindfulness and meditation was really helpful."

Feedback on the Recharge workbook & action plans:

"Loved having these in advance of the session to provide a context for the presentation and more in-depth info... Also something I will go back to when I am needing a 'refresher' "

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To Prevent or Overcome Burnout

8-Session Course

Now Available On-Demand!

Due to the increased demand for help with burnout I have decided to make my 8-week online series available in an on-demand version. The complete series of Video Recordings, Session Notes, and Action Plans, can be accessed on your own time. I'm so happy to be able to offer this to those of you who wished to take the live series but couldn't fit it into your schedule. I hope you will go through the material thoughtfully and allow time for personal reflection and growth.

The Recharge on-demand series allows you to:

  • Follow a step-by-step plan to overcome & prevent burnout

  • Watch video recordings & slideshows by Dr. Marcia Kostenuik

  • Read workbook including full session notes 

  • Reflect & make changes as you complete the written action plan

  • Emerge from the Recharge program with a fresh perspective

If you would like additional private coaching this can be arranged (additional fee)

The positive feedback from participants who have completed the Recharge program has exceeded my expectations. If you are not satisfied with the program, email me and I will refund you the full fee. 


I have seen too many physicians and patients injured by the effects of burnout. In the past 21 years, as an emergency room physician, family physician, and medical psychotherapist, I have lost close friends on both sides of this equation. Cynicism, detachment, and exhaustion lead to errors. Sadly, burnout and errors can push physicians to the brink. Most physicians with burnout deny even serious symptoms due to their strong sense of duty and obligation. Guilt and moral distress lead some doctors to push past safe limits until it's too late. Getting through the denial of even severe symptoms of burnout can be difficult. Do a self-test here.

My goal is to help those suffering from burnout before serious adverse events occur. Too many doctors wait until their health has suffered severely. In some cases, they reach out to me only after a cardiac event or other stress-related illness finally hits. In other cases, their relationships have been injured, or a medical error or complaint has caused them intense stress or forced them to leave their job permanently. I don't want another doctor to suffer unnecessarily from the personal fallout that accompanies burnout. Help is available. 

This series is suitable for physicians, nurses, health care professionals, psychotherapists, executives, managers, workers, caregivers, parents, and anyone concerned about burnout.

Benefits of the RECHARGE Program

  • Participants report experiencing benefits in their professional lives and personal relationships

  • Learn how to recognize the signs of burnout earlier and how to make meaningful and lasting changes

  • Learn how to set healthier limits, make room for a life outside of work and caregiving, and explore what deeply matters to you

  • Assess how well you are matched to your work role and how to leverage your strengths while addressing challenge areas

  • Improve your quality of life and relationships by learning a new approach to priorities and habits 

RECHARGE to Prevent or Overcome Burnout

On-Demand Version Includes:

8 Video Recordings

8 Session Notes & Action Plans

More than 8 hours of recordings with Dr. Marcia Kostenuik

Bonus Video: How to Say 'No' Kindly (and without the guilt!)

Regular rate: $800

Special rate for Jan 2022: $550

Order now:

1. Send an email titled: "Order Recharge Program" to

2. Send e-transfer payment to

Once your email & payment are processed:

-You will receive a confirmation email & receipt 

-You will receive an email with access to the program content

See below for details about the live Recharge series. The on-demand course has all the same content with 8+1 videos and PDFs of the workbook chapters including session content and action plans.

If you are not satisfied with the program email to obtain a refund.

This course is not medical advice or psychotherapy. For medical advice or inquiries about therapy speak to your physician. Any decisions you make about your work or personal life are your own choices. This course is not private coaching. If you require private coaching you may contact to enquire. 

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8-Week Online Interactive Series

Oct 20 - Dec 8, 2021

Wednesdays 1-2:30pm Eastern + Q&A

Includes 16 hours live interactive session time, plus videos & handouts

Fee: $800 (see details below)

Special: 25% off when registering with a colleague/friend

Free trial: attend first session as a free trial, requests due by Oct 13th

Compassionate fee reduction/exemption: email to receive fee accommodation while space is avail. 

This 8-week online interactive series includes a practical action plan to help get you off the path to burnout by better understanding its roots. You will receive weekly support as you recover and build sustainable habits for a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Emerge renewed with powerful skills and a new outlook.

Get support, interact with peers and create a new beginning.

Space is limited. Register now. 

Click here for more info or to register, or email

Subscribe here to receive updated course offerings in the next newsletter.

RECHARGE from burnout: Welcome


It's Time to Recharge

You can Recharge from depletion, regain your energy, and renew your enthusiasm for life with this 8-week live interactive, informative, and supportive online series designed to help those wanting to prevent or overcome burnout or exhaustion. 

Register now while space is available.

The first live session is Wed Oct 20th from 1-2:30pm Eastern (10am Pacific) followed by 30 min Q&A.

No time? Busy schedule?

No problem - in addition to weekly live sessions, video recordings of all sessions are provided so you can watch them on your own time. You will have the option to ask questions & receive support at any future live sessions you attend. In addition, you will receive the written handouts and action plan for each session. You can also schedule individual coaching if desired (see FAQs below).​

My goal is to reach those who could use support to help regain balance and the love of life that motivates great relationships and enjoyment in work and/or leisure. If you are feeling depleted, exhausted, getting less enjoyment out of your work or home life, or are feeling like you could use a re-set, the Recharge series can help. Whether you are feeling burned out at work or at home, from your job or your caregiving, you will be guided with an action plan to help you find more energy and motivation, and create a lifestyle you will find more satisfying and sustainable. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!  -Dr. Marcia

8 Weekly Sessions - Live Interactive Online

Dates: Wednesdays Oct 20th - Dec 8th 1-2:30pmEastern (10amPacific)

+ 30 minute Q&A after each session

Includes over 16 hours of live interactive session time

Plus video recordings, written handouts & action plan

Live sessions and/or watch recorded content on your own time

Fee: $800 (see details below)

Special offerings/options:

  • Register by Oct 13th to attend the first session as a free trial

  • Enroll with a friend or colleague & both receive 25% discount

  • Request a compassionate fee reduction/exemption while space avail.

Money-back satisfaction guarantee

To register click here 

& email registration information to

Be sure to mention/request any relevant special offers.

This 8-week online interactive series includes a practical action plan to help get you off the path to burnout by better understanding its roots.

You will receive weekly support as you recover and build sustainable habits for a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Emerge renewed with powerful skills and a new outlook.

Get support, interact with peers and create a new beginning.

Dr. Marcia Kostenuik MD, FCFP, BSc is a physician, medical psychotherapist, personal coach, speaker, educator, registered yoga instructor, and mindfulness and meditation facilitator. Participants describe Dr. Kostenuik's talks as informative, entertaining, and therapeutic and describe her teaching and coaching style as calming and inspiring. Students report finding her strategies helpful in their personal and professional and appreciate the practical approaches that empower them to improve their relationships and achieve personal growth. 


What if I can't make it to all the sessions?

That is not a problem, registrants will receive recordings of each session and do not need to attend sessions live. At any live attended sessions, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions on any material you might have missed. 

What if I am burned out from parenting?

The Recharge program strategies are helpful for those feeling exhausted and depleted from work, parenting, or caregiving. A wide variety of examples from work life and relationships, including parenting and partner relationships, will be given throughout the series. Examples from the lives of physicians & physician parents will be given. Dr. Kostenuik also runs a Mindful Parenting Course (email to enquire about upcoming dates).

Is this series only for physicians?  

In this time of diversity and inclusion, I am motivated to offer this series to all those who are interested and could benefit. Although I work closely with physicians and offer programs tailored to them, this series is open to non-physicians as well. (Feel free to email if you have questions about your suitability for the program.)

What if I can't attend any of the live sessions?

Can I get individual support?

Whether you attend the live sessions or not, you will receive video recordings of all the sessions, as well as the written handouts. This will allow you to watch and read the material on your own time. 

And yes, for a separate fee, you can schedule individual coaching. You will receive a reduced fee for personal coaching while you are enrolled in the Recharge program and for 6 months afterward.

How do I register?

Click here for full registration information

Send your registration info to:

Space is limited.

Register now. 

Note: these sessions are not psychotherapy.

If you require psychotherapy contact your physician.

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